Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis - JTEKSIS


Jurnal Title           Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis

Subject                Teknologi informatika dan komputer

Language             Indonesia

ISSN                    E-ISSN : 2655-8238 

Frequency           2 times a year, Januari and Juli

Doi                        https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis

Acreditation        On Progress

Editor-in-chief        Sularno

Publisher               Prodi Sistem Informasi Universitas Dharma Andalas

Citation Analysis     Google Scholar, Dimension, Garuda

OAI                      http://jurnal.unidha.ac.id/index.php/jteksis/oai

Journal Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis or Journal of Technology and Business Information Systems (JTEKSIS) E-ISSN: 2655-8238 is a journal published by the Information Systems Study Program at Dharma Andalas University for various groups who have an interest in the development of computer technology, both in a broad sense and specifically in certain fields related to computer information technology. Manuscripts accepted for publication are the results of field research, library research, observations and scientific works related to topics relevant to the Computer Technology situation. The Computer Technology Journal is published twice a year, in January and July. Downloadable templates here