Kekayaan Intelektual Komunal dalam Perspektif Teori Hak Milik

  • Yulia Nizwana Universitas Mahaputra Muhammad Yamin, Solok


Communal Intellectual Property Rights are rights obtained by a group of people who live in a particular community from generation to generation to be the most important part of their lives. Communal Intellectual Property consists of traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions, genetic resources, and potential geographic indications. The four variants can be found in Indonesia, which are scattered in various regions with their own characteristics and uniqueness. In the communal Intellectual Property, a right is attached, namely rights related to ownership of communal intellectual property. The issue of ownership is an issue that must be clarified in the issue of rights. The growth of the conception of property rights over intellectual works in the end also raises the need to protect or defend them from other human beings. In turn, this need gave birth to the concept of legal protection of communal intellectual property. In accordance with its essence, intellectual property is grouped as property rights to property that is intangible (intangible). The concept of expanding property rights from only tangible to intangible, communal Intellectual Property is for intangible wealth