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Keywords: Implementation of Child Adoption, Perigi Raja Village


Adoption is a legal act that transfers a child from the sphere of authority of the parents, legal guardians or other persons who are responsible for the care, education and upbringing of the child into the environment of the adoptive parents' family. Juridically, adopting a child must go through a court ruling process so that the adoptive parent's family can easily care for, educate, control the development and growth of the child so that his life is guaranteed and will not cause legal problems in the future. In practice, the adoption of children by the people of Perigi Raja Village, Indragiri Hilir Regency does not go through a court decision process, those who adopt children only do so through a customary process, namely in a kinship manner based on an agreement between the biological family and the prospective adoptive family of the child to be adopted. Obstacles in the process of adopting children in Perigi Raja Village occur because the community considers bureaucracy to be complicated when submitting an application to the court, the community does not know and does not understand the regulations governing the process of adopting children, and the community considers that adoption can be done simply with the family process. Adoption of children in Perigi Raja Village raises several legal consequences, namely in fulfilling guardianship rights in marriage for girls who are adopted in the community do not make their adoptive father as their guardian but instead hand over their guardianship to the judge's guardian, the community also makes their adopted child a family member who is entitled to receive inheritance , the fulfillment of the legality rights of adopted children proved to be unfulfilled because they were adopted by their adoptive parents without going through a court decision process